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Private and Commercial Flight Training

Private and Commercial Flight Training

Looking for a career in aviation? Just looking for a new hobby? Whatever your interest, getting started is just a few clicks away.

If you are new to aviation, a Discovery Flight is a good first step. Join me for a brief flight and get a feel for the freedom general aviation can offer.

Shopping for an instructor to begin your training? Lets meet for coffee and get to know one another before we begin.

Instrument Training and Instrument Proficiency Check

Increase your proficiency as a pilot, fly in instrument meteorological conditions, or just be in the system on your cross country flights: explore obtaining your instrument rating!

Haven’t flown instruments in a while? Let’s do an Instrument Proficiency Check and get you back on course.

Take advantage of a tailored program to meet your needs using owned or rented aircraft and a suite of modern FAA-approved simulators!

Instrument Training and Instrument Proficiency Check

High Performance and Complex Training

Discover the world of high performance and complex aircraft!

Ready to step up your aviation chops?

Obtaining a high performance or complex endorsement is a great step and a LOT of fun!

Flight Review

Is your flight review due?

Let’s get together and hit the books and the sky to get your Pilot-in-Command privileges renewed.

Aircraft Orientation and Advanced Avionics Training

Aircraft Orientation and Advanced Avionics Training

Have a new GPS or other piece of avionics for which you’d like training?

Purchased a new aircraft and need dual time to meet insurance requirements?

Advanced avionics instruction in your aircraft or in G1000 cockpits in a Cessna 172S or G1000 simulators available at KSDL or KCHD facilities.

Multi-Engine Training and Time Building

Looking to upgrade your ticket to include a Multi Engine Rating or to build time for your professional career?

Learn to fly multi-engine aircraft safely and efficiently with an accelerated course offered through

Multi-engine simulator instruction (six-pack and G1000) also available at KSDL and KCHD facilities.

Multi-Engine Training and Time Building

Policies and Pricing

Live Online Ground Instruction $60/hr

In-Person Flight/Simulator/Ground Instruction $75/hr

No-Show or non-emergency cancellation within 12 hrs: First hour rate.

Multi-Engine Instruction offered through

Simulator Instruction offered at KSDL through Aerial Engagement, at KCHD through NextGen.

Aircraft and simulator rental rates apply.

About the Instructor

About the Instructor

My name is Jeremy and I’ve been flying since 2005.

Being a Flight Instructor has always been a dream of mine. Sharing my love of aviation and flight with others is a passion!

I hold Single-Engine Airplane (CFI), Multi-Engine Airplane (MEI), Instrument Airplane (CFII), Advanced Ground (AGI), and Instrument Ground Instructor (IGI) ratings.

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